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In The Abyss in the press

November 4, 2019 One dancer reaches to cover the eyes of two others with her hands Photo by Aria Evans

We were so thrilled to present Aria Evans’ first full-length work at The Citadel last week and we’re thrilled by the response from audiences and the press.

Isabella O’Brien from Mooney on Theatre writes:

“The dancers were pulsating on stage, and seemed to embody human hearts: alive, pounding, jumping (into the abyss), arresting. Throughout the performance they encircled one another, navigating their fluctuating desires to push towards and pull away from each other…The words were penetrating and reflective, and managed to speak from a human perspective without subscribing to any categorical variables. This was powerful, and a resounding reminder that before any other identifiers, we are all human (and going further back, we are all stardust).”

Read the full review here.