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Nova Bhattacharya on Turn Out Radio

December 2, 2019 Nova Bhattacharya with eyes closed balancing ball of cloth on her head Photo by Dahlia Katz

As we get ready to open the second week of our annual Citadel Dance Mix, choreographer Nova Bhattacharya was on Turn Out Radio, talking about the remount of her stunning quintet, Red & Yellow, and about the strength of the triple bill.

Listen here!

More about the show, and tickets here!

Photo by Frances Chudnoff

This second seasonal triple bill features some of Toronto’s most dynamic and daring choreographers. 

Red & Yellow
Choreographer: Nova Bhattacharya

Michael Caldwell
Luke Garwood
Daniel Gomez
Sahara Morimoto
Kaitlin Standeven

Score: Santosh Naidu & Ian DeSouza

Bhattacharya’s Red & Yellow is a meditation on finding solitude inside the multitudes. Originally created for Dancemakers in 2011, Citadel + Compagnie is thrilled to be remounting this visually stunning quintet that is a poetic, metaphoric and humane expression of body and spirit.

Black Ballerina
Choreographer and performer: Syreeta Hector

Movement Dramaturg: Seika Boye
Rehearsal Director: Rosemary James
Music: Gregory Reid, Xnra Music
Set designer: Wesley McKenzie

Based on Hector’s relationship to race, and her experiences in classical ballet, Black Ballerina is a powerful exploration of the nuances within one’s identity, and the unconscious ways that we all try to fit in. Performed by Hector, Black Ballerina brings an unbridled energy to this triple bill.

close encounters in the fifth dimension
World premiere
Choreographer: Christianne Ullmark 

Amanda Davis
Erin Poole
Margarita Soria

Sound Designer: Johnny Spence
Costume Designer: Valerie Calam
Outside Eye: Alana Elmer

close encounters in the fifth dimension explores themes of a post-human existence in a world of cybernetic communication. Working alone and also together, the performers attempt various forms of communication that are perhaps beyond human understanding. Moving becomes listening and listening becomes a way of speaking. Opposing narratives of organic matter, technology and time travel, come together to untangle and re-purpose the body, sound and other, in an effort to ascend to a higher dimension.

Photo of Nova Bhattacharya by Dalia Katz.