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Friday Shift

September 30 – 30, 2022
Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Show Credits

Choreographed and performed by: Samantha Sutherland
Composition and Sound Design by: Sophie Dow
Language Teacher: Alfred Joseph
Voice: Sophie Pierre
Voice: Marie Nicholas
Mentor: Sebastian Hirtenstein
Mentor: Teneil Whiskeyjack

Choreographed by: Sofía Ontiveros
Performed by: María Riaño, Mikaela Rojas
Text by: Sofía Ontiveros 
Driftnote (Omar David Rivero), Juan Gabriel 

Rasamanjari: a garland of emotions
Choreographed by: Bhavajan Kumar
Performed by: Stuti Mukherjee 
Vocals by: G. Srikanth
Nattuvangam: KP Rakesh
Mridangam: Kiran Pai
Violin: KP Nandini

About the Show

Samantha Sutherland

kaqwiⱡȼi is an exploration of bringing the Ktunaxa language to dance. This work finds ways to translate a traditional language into movement as a way for the artist to deepen her understanding with it.

Sofía Ontiveros 

Ojalá… (Hopefully…) explores the aftermath of interpersonal betrayal. When one who loves you deeply, hurts you deeply, two contracting truths begin to coexist: the love and lack thereof. Ojalá…” is about two bodies who connect, stumble upon betrayal, and search for healing.

Rasamanjari: a garland of emotions 
Stuti Mukherjee

Rasamanjari: a garland of emotions is explored through the eyes of a south Asian female protagonist/ heroine in a Navarasa Pada varnam named “Angyar Kanni,” composed by Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman, choreographed by Bhavajan Kumar and performed by Stuti Mukherjee. 

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