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Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Friday October 6

10PM @ The Citadel Tickets: Not Currently Available

Livestream available until October 15 at 11:59PM.
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Co-presented with Fall For Dance North


and made possible (in part) by the Government of Canada

Night/Shift Presents

Cori Giannotta, Collective of Scenic Exchange, and Rumi Jeraj


Friday evening’s artists investigate the individual versus the group, the constraints of cultural expectations and the impact of time on social narratives. Be ready to be moved by the rhythms, theatricality, and timing of three thought-provoking movement makers.

Approximate run time is 15 minutes per work.

Meet the Artists

Photo of Cori Giannotta Photo by E.S. Cheah Photography

Cori Giannotta

Born in Toronto, Cori Giannotta has been heavily involved in the city’s tap dance scene, teaching, performing, choreographing and producing. She has had the opportunity to teach at various events, such as the Toronto Rhythm Initiative and Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival. Performing credits include the Big Band Tap Revue with the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, The Whole Shebang: Taken By Night, the Toronto International Tap Dance Festival, Dusk Dances, and was in the 2022 Fall For Dance North Festival in Dianne Montgomery’s piece Softly Losing Softly Gaining.

In 2015, Cori, alongside Johnathan Morin, established a tap dance company, Rhythm & Sound. The company has annual performances in Toronto and has been featured across Canada.

Photo of Collective of Scenic Exchange Photo by Pablo Salazar

Collective of Scenic Exchange

Fer Camacho is a Mexican dancer who studied in schools across Mexico and Canada, and has trained with renowned instructors like Francisco Cordoba, Peter Jasko and Roberto Olivan, among others. They founded Collective of Scenic Exchange (COSE) in 2018, which allows them to experiment with original productions, workshops, and music. Fer incorporated parkour and martial arts into their dance practice and works as a coach at the Monkey Vault in Toronto.

Their passion for movement has made them a versatile and talented choreographer and dancer.

Photo of Rumi Jeraj Photo by Justin Lee

Rumi Jeraj

Rumi Jeraj is an Ismailli Muslim hailing from Sherwood Park Alberta (the world’s largest hamlet). A graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University, Rumi has worked for dance artists including Darryl Tracy, Heidi Strauss, Hanna Kiel and Eilish Shin-Culhane. He was a selected choreographer for the inaugural DaCo, where he created a first draft of his work The Line, which will be presented as a full-length work at the 2023 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

Outside of contemporary dance, Rumi has trained in tap dance with Travis Knights and Dianne Montgomery. He aspires to create and be a part of work which mixes forms in order to better tell stories. He believes there is a perfect balance between words, music, and movement which can communicate intellectually, emotionally and viscerally all at once. He aspires to find this state on stage.

Show Credits

Cori Giannotta

Fer Camacho – Collective of Scenic Exchange

Experiences Of A Moment
Rumi Jeraj

Production Team

Lighting Designer: Emilie Trimbee
Production Stage Manager:
Helin Gungoren
Production Manager:
Mariana Rosato
Technical Director: Eliajah Stefura



Polyrhythms is a tap dance performance demonstrating the poly-rhythmical collaboration of different time signatures coming together to create a beautiful musical piece. With four dancers each performing within their own time signature, Polyrhythms brings together their unique individual voices for a collaborative tap dance experience!


V.A.T.O discusses the perception of masculinity in Mexican society, examining the impact of cultural and religious beliefs on gender roles, and how they shape behaviour from birth. Using a theatrical and dance-inspired language, the piece analyzes power dynamics and societal expectations around gender, while exploring ways to resist these norms.

Experiences Of A Moment

This work finds physical manifestations of our experiences of time. Dancers of different ages experience time at different paces on stage. Does time become more precious as we find ourselves running out? Does a minute bear more weight to a child or an elder?

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