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In Conversation with Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser

Headshot of Caroline 'Lady C' Fraser
Photo Courtesy of the Artist


Choreographed and performed by Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser

Citadel Spring Mix
Programme 1
April 2, 4, 6, 7, 2024

Share a little about your dance background, and/or your creative process.

I have been dancing since the age of 3 years old and grew up in a household of dancers, musicians and entertainers so I have literally been surrounded by this creative energy all my life.  I started writing music in my teens and recording in my early 20’s.  Since then, I have maintained simultaneous careers in both dance and music recording.  It has long been a vision of mine to bring these 2 worlds together in a unique way and I’ve been experimenting over the years with different methods.  This solo work will be another exploration of merging live music with dance and I look forward to sharing the experience with my audiences.

What drew you to apply to the Citadel Spring Mix program?  

I was forwarded the application by a colleague and originally had a different idea of what I wanted to present with another dancer from Montreal.  It was a previous work that we had created and had wanted to expand on for a few years now, so we saw it as a great opportunity to be supported in that endeavour and share the work with the Toronto audience.  The plan changed halfway through the process and unfortunately had to take on a new solo direction, however, I believe everything is meant to happen so this will be an exploration that I welcome and look forward to!

What are you most looking forward to during this process? 

Being given the time and literal ‘open space’ to explore an idea and fully flesh it out into something tangible and presentable is a privilege as an artist, especially in the post-pandemic Toronto economy! So, I am most looking forward to the process and the journey playing in the studio and building music and dance together in one space, just as much as I am looking forward to putting it onstage.

What excites you about Toronto’s dance scene? 

Toronto is not an easy place to survive as an artist of any kind… financially, being highly outnumbered, and the pressure of living up to legacies from generations prior.  So, I find the most exciting thing about the artists here is that they all have a drive and a tenacious spirit to push their craft and say something with their work that stands out and holds a unique identity.

What is next for this work after Citadel Spring Mix? 

I work a lot as an independent Street Dance artist so I will be travelling, teaching, performing and judging competitions around the world.  I am also a company member of Holla Jazz Dance Company and we are incrementally working on a new creation.  And as for music I will be working on a follow up album to my full-length release last summer ‘SLP’.  And of course, I will continuously work towards my ultimate vision to bring my music and my dance together in one space and continue building and presenting this solo work in the future.