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In Conversation with Sofi Gudiño

Sofi Gudiño Headshot
Photo by Jamila Noritz Reyes


Choreographed and performed by Sofi Gudiño

Citadel Spring Mix
Programme 2
April 9, 11, 13, 14, 2024

Share a little about your dance background, and/or your creative process.

My dance background is in flamenco, contemporary, and Latin dance. I grew up at the Academy of Spanish Dance in Toronto, and have since travelled bi-annually for training intensives in Spain. In 2014, I founded the Inamorata Dance Collective as a place to explore my curiosities in flamenco outside of its traditional presentations. My early work was presented mostly on queer stages in Toronto, and so I feel my practice has been very influenced by queer performance art and drag. I am a Mexican Canadian artist, and so a lot of my visual and musical inspiration comes from Latin America and from my collaborations with artists in the Latine diaspora. As a dancer, I care about risk, emotional integrity, and trying as hard as I can. 

What drew you to apply to the Citadel Spring Mix program?  

I was drawn to apply to Spring Mix to experiment with one of my newest ideas for a solo work. I was excited to get into the studio for concentrated periods of time with the opportunity to share the work so early in its creation!

What are you most looking forward to during this process? 

I am most looking forward to the collaborations with the incredible artists I am working with in the piece. Sound designer Sofia Fly is making some beautiful flamenco beats for the work, and costume designers Joseph Quezal and Rita Benz are collaborating on a pageant-y flamenco drag king look for the character. I have always played with elements of gender performance in my work, but this is the farthest I have gone into creating a drag persona and I am super excited to be fulfilling my sparkly, ruffly dreams!